Flightophobia film _

"It's a matter of net luck. You can sit at home and watch Soccer on TV and you can drive a car and suddenly, boom. Qassam missile hits your home and it's all over. That's how it is with luck, only Yoram did not sit at home."

Flightophobia is Mocommentary film that tells the story of Yoram and what happened to him on the flight to London. The film moves between the present and the past. In the present, footage of interviews with the passengers and crew of the plane, telling us about the incedent from their point of view. The past is Yoram's point of view and through his experience of what happened on that flight.

The film has gained widespread worldwide recognition, participated in more then a hundred festivals around the world and it has won a wide range of awards, the Director's Award, the Best Film Award and the International Humor Award.

Screenplay, Direction and Production by Alon Newman

Cast: Jenia Lerer, Debbie Levin, Nofit Diamant, Boaz Ben Best, Rodik Dinisman, Yahli Friedman

Production: Alon Newman DunkyShot Films Producers: Alon Newman and Matan Melech

Cinematography: Yiftach Elran Lighting: Ronen Cohen

Sound: Amit Shemen firdt A.D: Benny Kornfeld

Makeup: Liron Marathon Editing: Alon Newman Tal Friedman and Aviram Atiel

Participants: Tal Friedman, Batshir Baram, Eyal Aviv, Amit Trapochnik, Gali Fortis, Gil Biderman, Albert Rybkowski, Ran Dahan, Kim Neumann, Tal Mizrahi, Natalie Marks, Almog Liebermansch, Shiraz Habani, Ariela Bronstein.